Branding & Graphic Design

Faber branding & graphic design services provided by g[squared]

Your organization’s brand is much more than a name, logo and tagline. It encompasses everything from your corporate values and social media presence to the services you offer and the way your employees interact with clients. In short, it’s everything that people think of when they hear your brand name.

We’re Great Listeners

At g[squared], we dive deep on our branding projects. We get to know your business or organization—its story, values and culture. We ask questions to gauge how your staff and clients perceive your brand. We find out what makes you tick and what makes you different from your competitors. We define your strengths and develop messaging based on your competitive advantages.

We distill all of that information and combine it with fresh, compelling graphic design to create a brand system that will resonate with your target audience and build awareness, engagement, trust and loyalty.

We Connect the Dots

Our process for branding projects varies depending on your needs, budget, timeline and other variables, but it can include some or all of the following components:

  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Brand messaging
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Brand launch
  • Brand management

Powerful branding connects the dots between who you are, what you do and why it matters and communicates it to your target audience. Done well, it can convert passive consumers into loyal brand ambassadors. g[squared]’s creative team is here to develop a unique and memorable brand that feels authentic to your business or organization and connects with your intended audience.

Branding & Graphic Design Projects

We’re proud of the work we do at g[squared]. Every member of our team is committed to continually refining processes and redefining what’s possible to deliver the best results for our clients. We never settle for ‘good enough’, and the proof is in our work.

Check out some of our projects. We think you’ll like what you see.