When you have a visual identity that needs to be shown to the world, our designers will bring it boldly to life. When you have a story that needs to be told, our creative team will share it with texture, detail and heart. When you need to own the internet, our digital department will thoughtfully and methodically build your presence.

When you … We will … And achieve beyond your expectations!

As you look over the detailed list of our services, keep in mind you can hire us for a full strategic marketing plan or choose only the specific services you need a la carte.

If it sounds complicated, it’s just the opposite. We simplify your marketing confusion.

  • Strategic Planning: Research and Facilitation

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but before that first step is taken, our marketing strategists will have thoroughly mapped out your plan. Through comprehensive research and a market assessment, we will determine where you are and where you need to be. Then we’ll formulate an effective plan to get you there.

  • Communications: Internal and External

    In today’s frenetic environment, people are bombarded with nonstop distractions and interruptions. To be heard, your message must be clear, powerful and have the ability to resonate with its intended audience. That philosophy influences everything we do, from creating content to copywriting. It’s also critical in stakeholder engagement whether dealing with directors, employees, owners, unions, boards, suppliers, government or the community at large.

  • Creative and Brand Development

    Whether we’re working on a single ad or the creation of a nationwide brand, our graphic design and creative writing teams ensure everything we do is strategic, effective and memorable. Dynamic, compelling words and a powerful visual signature are woven seamlessly through all of your marketing, advertising and business materials.

  • Digital

    Our digital team are specialists at navigating the fluid and ever evolving online world and will help you establish a distinct presence through the creation of a website, blog, newsletter or ad campaign, incorporating every aspect of your digital world. We will engage your customers and convert them to ambassadors as we develop and manage your social media. We will also provide you with essential, thoughtful and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

  • Advertising

    It’s one of marketing’s most powerful tools and our team can ensure it is done effectively and efficiently. From the critical work of media planning and buying, to the final market evaluation and execution of creative material, we’ll work with you to deliver an impactful campaign.

  • Public Relations and Crisis Management

    Through day to day public relations or dealing with an unexpected crisis, managing the message is critical. Our skilled PR practitioners have been there; we’ve learned how to react quickly and even anticipate potential trouble spots before they happen. By knowing when to tie in or piggy-back on current affairs, we’ll deliver valuable earned media as respected news outlets tell your story for you. And when a full blown crisis strikes, external or internal, we’ll be there to guide you through it.

  • Government Relations

    Relationship Management – We build long term relationships in which trust, honesty, and humour are fundamental building blocks. These key relationships with influential people allow us to react quickly and deal proactively with critical situations and emerging issues. We assist our clients in defining and establishing strategic relations that are beneficial for the client in the immediacy as well as the long term.

    Public Positioning – The most optimal solutions for any client are those that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved. One of our key strengths is finding or establishing a public position that clearly defines the client’s role or philosophy for the maximum benefit in any situation, be it in a moment of crisis or long term strategic opportunity.

    Strategic Alignment – Today, with the pervasiveness of internet and social media, things happen at the speed of thought. In a developing situation, it’s important to not only be aware of emerging trends and opportunities, but to understand how you can improve your own position through strategic alignment. Finding and coordinating alignment opportunities for a client with like-minded organizations, either within or outside the client’s sphere of influence, is an area within which we excel.

    Government Awareness – Every week, we invest considerable time and effort monitoring, analyzing and staying abreast of developments in all three levels of government. We achieve this by meticulously reading government strategic plans and committee minutes or tracking the myriad conversations with politicians, community leaders and influencers. Through this diligence, we are able to find revenue streams, developing partnerships and new opportunities that we are able to share with our clients.

  • Video

    With the current ease of delivery and insatiable consumer demand, video is arguably a very valuable communications currency. And it has to be done right. Our team will find your story and bring it to life through a creative script and storyboard. Our professional videographers will turn the storyboard into reality, then it will be refined, polished and delivered by our editing and production team.