Primary Goals & Objectives

Young Professionals Organization (YPO) is a global association for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. Members draw on the knowledge and mentorship of innovative and influential business leaders to inspire business, personal, family and community impact.

Each year, YPO’s Board has the challenge of creating a relevant slate of learning opportunities and networking events to educate and motivate these young leaders. For its 2017-18 campaign, YPO Alberta chose the theme “Live To Inspire”. Once the theme was selected, the g[squared] team brought it to life.

On the visual side, our design team created a customized wordmark and symbol. The bars of differing weights and colours represented individuals who, when they come together, create an inspirational spark.

Our communications team worked with YPO to develop themed event names and invitations. The Christmas celebration became “The Season to Inspire”. A daylong seminar with doctor, activist and clown Patch Adams, the inspiration for the movie starring Robin Williams, became “Living a Life of Joy”. And a seminar for parents on raising children to contribute to society and do good became “Raising Tomorrow: Inspiring Children to Be Their Best”.


  • Wordmark and symbol
  • Event names
  • Event invitations
  • Event programs
  • Event materials
  • Launch PowerPoint
  • Education calendar