Primary Goals & Objectives

When Wajax approached g[squared], the industrial products and services provider needed help with two distinct marketing campaigns. Although the campaigns had different objectives, they still needed to be visually consistent and identifiably Wajax.

The first campaign was focused on raising awareness about Wajax’s inventory, which had grown immensely. The company wanted to let customers know that if they needed parts quickly, Wajax was likely to have the parts in its warehouse, just waiting to go into service. There was no need for downtime while waiting for a part.

The second campaign directive was to create awareness about the partnership between Wajax and construction equipment manufacturer JCB. Wajax had started distributing the versatile JCB Skid Steer and needed to get the message out.

g[squared] developed the campaigns, and our design team created a design template with a distinct visual identity for Wajax. It included a textured footer, used on the website and in print materials, that looks like polished metal and references tough, industrial-grade parts and equipment and reliable performance. The campaigns were created in English and French and ran in markets across Canada.


  • Campaign development
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Print advertising
  • Cards
  • Direct mail
  • Billboard