The Organic Box is an Edmonton-based company that sources locally grown organic food and delivers it to members of their Food Family. Food Family members live in greater Edmonton, Red Deer and central Alberta, and northern Alberta.

Primary Goals and Objectives

  • Educate customers (current, dormant, inactive, abandoned) about the new and improved website.
  • Attract new customers to the new website to convert them to full Food Family members.

Primary Challenges

  • The Organic Box had been experiencing serious website issues which had caused many members to either cancel or order much less.
  • The Organic Box hadn’t done a comprehensive advertising plan since their launch five years previous, so most people in the greater Edmonton area didn’t know they existed, let alone appreciate their value.

Primary Strategies

  • We developed key messages for each unique audience group.
  • To educate members about the new website, we developed a comprehensive launch plan that included email marketing, an engaging ‘how-to’ video, targeted messaging using the website chat feature and phone calls from the co-founder and president.
  • We developed a multi-media advertising campaign targeting new customers through radio commercials, radio promotion, digital display, search, social media and re-marketing advertising.
  • Developed a public relations plan that resulted in a no-charge feature on 630 CHED and PSA’s on NOW Radio.

Primary Results

  • g[squared] negotiated over $55,000.00 in nocharge added value on 630 CHED, CISN Country, 92.5 Fresh FM and NOW Radio.
  • Overall, the membership grew by 19.5%
  • Current Food Family member orders show increasing growth.