Primary goals & objectives

For over 30 years, Quikcard has proudly challenged the status quo to make wellness more accessible and more affordable for Canadian businesses. Offering flexible, tax-efficient health spending accounts—as well as a wide range of add-on services—Quikcard makes it easy for employers to invest in the physical and mental health of their employees.

With decades of community history, Quikcard wanted to refresh and reinvigorate its brand—working to support its long-term growth and remain appealing, competitive and current.

The process

g[squared] worked closely with the Quikcard team to analyze the market, draw research from internal and external audiences (via targeted surveys) and craft an authentic, compelling and sustainable identity. The intention was to reflect Quikcard as an innovative, forward-focused leader, while simultaneously conveying a sense of warmth, personalization, community history and genuine client care—a unique combination that sets Quikcard apart from the competition.


Quikcard recently launched its updated brand (in the winter of 2023), which was received with overwhelming positivity by employees, clients and stakeholders.


  • Logo redevelopment
  • Corporate ID package
  • Brand story
  • Key messages
  • Brand values
  • Internal and external surveys
  • Signage
  • Supporting materials for
    brand launch, including
    social media assets
  • Website content and
    visual mockups
  • Marketing brochures
  • Promotional items