Primary Goals & Objectives

g[squared] worked with Navus on a brand update, which was brought to life across a wide range of new corporate materials and an internal safety program. As part of this process, we made minor updates to the company logo to refine proportions and balance.

In addition to developing a new and more consistent brand, we also worked with Navus on a standout recruitment campaign designed to attract the best and brightest. As a way to attract new candidates, we chose to highlight the excellent work/life balance that many Navus employees enjoyed. This meant using imagery that showcased two sides of each person — the dedicated “employee” and the “individual” with outside interests.

This two-sided approach also worked on another level, which was to illustrate the fact that Navus employees provided their clients with personal, one-on- one service from both the office and the field.

The concept of “duality” extended across an array of new marketing materials that we developed — like “day and night” themed business cards, for example — and was also expanded upon to create the tagline, “Anytime. Anywhere. We’re there.”


  • Logo update
  • Branding update
  • Tagline development
  • Stationary package
  • Brand guidelines
  • Powerpoint template
  • Tradeshow booth
  • Print ad templates
  • Corporate folder
  • Brochure
  • Mission, vision, values signage
  • Recruitment campaign
  • Retention campaign
  • Safety forms
  • Safety slogan branding
  • Direct mail