Primary Goals & Objectives

Waiward was proud of its excellent safety record and believed they were operating under a comprehensive set of guidelines. However, after a near-fatal accident in 2012, Waiward realized more was needed. The company developed a safety competency tracking software and was determined to completely overhaul industry standard operations.

We developed a simple but effective tagline which summarized the core brand concept – “A better method of operation”. The name MODOS was adapted from Modus, Latin for ‘mode’. The OS adjustment at the end of the name references the new Operating System that MODOS was introducing. When designing the logo, we based the image around a hexagon, an exceptionally strong and balanced structure. The components of the logo are an M for MODOS, an open book as a tribute to learning and an arrowhead signifying the release of knowledge.

High contrast corporate colours were chosen: dark grey to signify bold strength and an ‘almost neon’ green which is similar to the reflective stripe found on personal protective equipment.

On a design level, the striking website utilized subtle animations to enhance the user experience. On an emotional level, we felt the website should include the powerful backstory behind the incident that inspired the creation of MODOS. A video was produced that explained how the accident happened and included an interview with the injured worker. It’s a gripping testimony that connects on a gut level with skilled workers and the people who employ them.


  • Identity development
  • Tagline development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website
  • Tradeshow booth
  • Origin story video
  • Business cards
  • Animated presentation