Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Help prevent child sexual abuse through awareness and prevention education throughout Canada.
  • Increase the number of donations raised to support the organization.

Primary Challenges

  • Child sexual abuse is a sensitive and uncomfortable subject for many people. We had to find a way to raise awareness that was approachable and would make adults want to take the training.
  • The program wasn’t sufficiently well known to garner financial support to offer training across the nation.

Primary Strategies

g[squared] developed a long-term marketing plan focused on the following:

  • Develop a branding and advertising campaign to establish Little Warriors as an accredited not-for-profit organization, while using donated media.
  • Use a grassroots approach to appeal to both urban and rural markets in a way that encourages them to donate.
  • Develop a brand and materials for the education and prevention workshop created by Little Warriors known as “Prevent It!”
  • Create material to support the ongoing fundraising campaign based on new themes that change every year.

Primary Results

Since the initial brand campaign launched, Little Warriors has seen incredible results.

  • Nearly 23,200 adults across Canada have taken the prevention training, and almost 232,000 children’s lives have been impacted by the organization since the brand campaign.
  • Over $8 million in advertising media was donated in the first year alone.
  • Little Warriors is now the number one organization for child sexual abuse prevention in Canada.