The Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch by Ray LaBonte and Family is a long-term trauma-informed treatment centre focused solely on helping children who have been sexually abused, as well as their families.

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Increase awareness of Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch to encourage donations.
  • Purchase, renovate and operate a facility and programs using financial and in-kind donations.

Primary Challenges

  • The cost to purchase the facility would be high, and without government funding, the organization was dependent on public donations.
  • Operating funds would have to be raised annually.
  • Potential donors had to be engaged and compelled to give in a competitive non-profit environment.

Primary Strategies

The need for donations was urgent, and the credibility of Little Warriors in the region was a great starting point to get the word out about the Be Brave Ranch. g[squared] developed a comprehensive marketing plan with strategies to highlight the program, recruit new donors and retain annual donors.

Our tactics included:

  • Creating annual advertising campaigns to raise awareness and funds.
  • Hosting a variety of events for the public to donate their time, products and services to help renovate the Be Brave Ranch.
  • Developing an annual signature fundraising event – The Be Brave Luncheon.

Primary Results

  • The Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch has received an abundance of financial, public and media support.
  • Donations have exceeded $13.6 million, providing the necessary funds to purchase, renovate and sustain the operation of the Ranch since it opened in 2014.
  • A program to assist children aged 8-12 years old was developed and successfully passed clinical trials.
  • Since the Ranch opened, an average of 100 children a year have been treated.
  • A new program to assist 13–16-year-old girls is being developed.
  • Public support and awareness continues to grow.