Ledcor is a diversified construction company that designs, builds, transports, operates and maintains projects throughout North America.

Primary Goal & Objective

  • Hire 9,000 skilled workers throughout various divisions in the span of a year.

Primary Challenges

  • Ledcor had no previous experience taking on such a massive hiring initiative.
  • Ledcor did not have an established external or internal human resources (HR) brand.

Primary Strategies

g[squared] determined that Ledcor needed a new HR brand to increase public awareness of the company and support its hiring initiative. We needed to create a brand that instilled pride in Ledcor employees, while also generating new applications.

We developed a recruitment-focused marketing plan to increase awareness of Ledcor and all of its divisions, and establish it as an employer of choice.

The plan included the following:

  • A comprehensive public relations plan with a press conference to launch the recruitment campaign
  • Media training for company executives to ensure they were comfortable sharing Ledcor’s message with reporters
  • An outdoor advertising and social media campaign to reach audiences in Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray

Primary Results

The response from current employees and prospective applicants to the new HR brand was overwhelmingly positive.

  • The company received 20,000 résumés per quarter.
  • Between December 2010 and December 2011, Ledcor hired 8,900 new employees, putting the company within easy reach of its goal of hiring 9,000 within the year.
  • The new HR brand proved so successful in Canada that Ledcor’s U.S. team subsequently adopted it as well.