Primary Goals & Objectives

This Edmonton homebuilder wanted a unique look to stand out from their competitors and reinforce a key benefit to potential homebuyers.

Part of Grande Design’s competitive advantage was its traditional values, which influenced everything from its commitment to quality to its fair and honest way of conducting business. This “old school” approach inspired us to create a retro look that would extend across the company’s entire brand. The idea was to pair the modern luxuries found in Grande Design homes with the merits of quality craftsmanship associated with the 1950’s. We created a tagline to support this approach – Modern Homes. Classic Values.

One of the challenges Grande Design faced was having multiple properties that were each branded differently. This made it difficult for customers to recognize that one builder was behind all of the projects. We helped to unify the properties by developing a central identity for Grande Design, and then expanded on it with supporting materials for the individual properties.

This helped customers identify Grande Design as the builder behind all of these properties, thus building on a reputation that was already there.

The retro theme incorporated communication from that time period. We also directed a custom photo shoot within the Grande Design homes to showcase the modern features with models styled in a retro fashion. The 1950’s theme was enhanced with a palette that utilized two of the popular colours associated with that time — turquoise and muted peach — and was applied across all new print and online materials. Every subtle detail incorporated into the campaign reinforced the key messaging.


  • Branding strategy
  • Advertising campaign
  • Stationary package
  • Direct mail
  • Signage
  • Custom photoshoot
  • Print ads
  • Bus benches
  • Floor plan brochures
  • Specification sheets
  • Handouts
  • Website reskinning