Primary Goals & Objectives

Goodwill Industries of Alberta (GIA) tasked g[squared] with developing a strategic marketing plan that would increase awareness of its brand across Alberta and attract more donations.

As part of this process, we developed a campaign designed to really get people thinking about their reasons for donating to GIA. At g[squared], we recognized that Albertans have many options when it comes to donating unwanted household goods, so we wanted to find a way of encouraging people to develop their own personal connection to GIA and to tell others about it.

The campaign was called ‘Find Your Why’, and was shared through radio, print and online ads. The call to action was focused on getting people to share their reasons for donating to GIA using #FindYourWhy across all social media channels. The idea was simple: the more stories that were shared, the more awareness of GIA’s mission would grow across Alberta, and the more donations would be received.


  • Bus benches
  • Digital billboard
  • In-store handouts
  • In-store signage
  • Portable signage
  • Print ads
  • Social media strategies