Leduc is located 33 km south of Edmonton, and is home to over 29,000 Albertans. In late 2009, the City of Leduc partnered with 10 builders and developers to attract potential homebuyers to the city.

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Create awareness of the community of Leduc and its amenities to the Edmonton market.
  • Increase the population of Leduc over three years through new home sales.

Primary Challenges

  • There was a misconception that Leduc was a small, sleepy town that would not appeal to target audiences-primarily 30 to 40-year-old professionals, families and tradespeople who travel regularly.
  • Target audiences perceived Leduc to be too far away from the City of Edmonton and too close to the airport.

Primary Strategies

To change the perceptions of target audiences and achieve the goals of the City of Leduc and its partners, g[squared] created a comprehensive three-year strategic marketing plan.

Our primary strategies were to:

  • Develop key messages that focused on the advantages of living in Leduc, such as safety and affordability. This included a tagline that reflected the goals of the City of Leduc and spoke as a call to action to potential homebuyers: “Build with us.”
  • Flip the negative perceptions and showcase the value of being close to the airport, all major routes and Leduc’s modern amenities, including a new state-of-the-art rec centre.

Primary Results

Over the next three years, g[squared] implemented a campaign that helped the City of Leduc and its partners achieve their goals:

  • The “Build with us” campaign created a positive change in perceptions among target audiences. Leduc’s population increased by 26% over this time period.
  • Traffic to the website quadrupled, with 62% of website traffic originating from the City of Leduc’s primary target audience, Edmontonians.