The Christenson Group of Companies builds and operates several Christenson Communities in the Capital Region and central Alberta. These intelligently designed seniors communities have changed how we think of retirement living.

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Increase sales and rental activity.
  • Raise awareness of the Christenson Group of Companies as a builder/operator of retirement living communities.
  • Communicate the key benefits of Christenson Communities—innovative care delivery, multiple locations and complete communities—to the public.

Primary Challenges

  • Seniors can be reluctant to talk about leaving their home and moving to a retirement community.
  • Many people have a dated concept of retirement homes as depressing places where seniors lose their independence and vitality.
  • Competition has grown in Alberta’s seniors housing sector.

Primary Strategies

  • Position Christenson Communities as fun, active and social, with all levels of care offered.
  • Create marketing materials that speak to seniors’ priorities, like a comfortable, familiar neighbourhood, proximity to amenities and services, quality care that evolves with their needs, and social activities.
  • Deliver qualified online traffic to the corporate website and generate leads using Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.
  • Communicate the wider value of Christenson Communities as hubs of activity that bring new energy to established neighbourhoods and benefit everyone.

Primary Results

  • Vacancy rates in existing Christenson Communities dropped.
  • Pre-bookings for new Christenson Communities are trending well.
  • Using Google Ads, leads increased by 85% and visits to the Christenson landing page grew by 1,580%.
  • Using Facebook, landing page visits increased by 42% at an average cost of $1.92 per lead.