Primary Goals & Objectives

When Braden Equities transitioned from father to son, the company felt it needed a brand update to reflect the evolution. As requested, g[squared] updated Braden’s existing logo. We also created a totally new logo – showcased as a stylized B made up of three triangle shapes that reflected the company’s three core pillars of service. The triangles are in three shades of green, which is traditionally the colour of commerce. The darkest green builds the foundation – the top level of green is almost a yellow, indicating a bright future ahead. The company made the decision to boldly step into the future and chose the new look.

Once the branding decision had been finalized, Braden asked g[squared] to update their website to reflect the new look and voice of the company. Although the project began as a minor aesthetic refresh, g[squared] rebuilt the site, creating a visually engaging, user-focused experience. The final product was a website that was easier to navigate while delivering information in a clear and succinct manner.