Primary Goals & Objectives

The law firm of Blakely + Dushenski realized its brand no longer matched the company’s vision or its position in the market. The firm, which had been built on a common sense approach, hired g[squared] to refine its identity and further reinforce its unique advantages. Our goal was to position Blakely + Dushenski as contemporary and forward thinking — a respectable, established law firm that offered its clients a reassuring balance of expertise and approachability.

First, we developed a new wordmark, replacing the ampersand used by most law firms with a bold plus sign, and then we began work on a new website. The essence of Blakely + Dushenski remained prominent throughout the site, particularly on the home page: “Providing common sense advice for complex legal matters.”

The web copy is informative, written in conversational language to speak to potential clients. Visually, the site uses images and colours that are approachable and inviting — something not common to many law firms — and reinforce the company’s culture.

The structure of the website is intuitive and accessible, and information is organized with the user’s key needs in mind. The g[squared] web team created a deep scroll website with attention focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This resulted in a substantial improvement in rankings for key terms and phrases.


  • Signage