Align Orthodontics provides personalized orthodontic treatment to children, teens and adults in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, giving each patient the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve.

Primary Goals & Objectives

  • Increase patient referrals by 20%.
  • Secure continuous patient bookings for three months into the future.

Primary Challenges

  • Staff were busy, which made it difficult to follow up consistently with patients and referring dentists. This was preventing Align Orthodontics from fostering important relationships.
  • The lack of a marketing strategy, marketing materials and a strong online presence were hindering Align Orthodontics’ ability to generate new business.

Primary Strategies

After meeting with Align Orthodontics, it was clear that a comprehensive marketing plan was needed to raise awareness of the clinic and its services among new patients, and also maintain relationships with existing patients and referring dentists.

g[squared] developed a marketing plan with specific strategies to meet the client’s objectives. Our work focused on:

  • Evolving the current Align Orthodontics brand to include a clear vision, mission and mandate, along with a consistent visual identity and messaging.
  • Developing an annual action plan with practical strategies aimed at maintaining consistent communication and strengthening relationships with current and former patients, dentists and employees.

Primary Results

g[squared]’s strategic marketing plan helped Align Orthodontics successfully achieve its two key business objectives.

  • Patient referrals increased.
  • Productive relationships were fostered with referring dentists.