Primary Goals & Objectives

As a non-profit organization and strategic partner in Canada’s dairy industry, Alberta Milk works to support and amplify Alberta’s dairy industry through a range of initiatives. When Alberta Milk partnered with g[squared], they had a full plate of targeted goals they wanted to achieve:

  • Communicate milk as a healthy option as plant-based products continue to grow in popularity
  • Earn favour among Millennial and Gen Z demographics (who are increasingly critical of animal products and turning to vegetarian/vegan diets)
  • Educate consumers about local farming practices, efforts toward environmental sustainability and fair treatment of animals
  • Share stories about local farmers and, ultimately, increase engagement

With these in mind, the team at g[squared] created an unexpected campaign strategy. It was an idea so wild we thought it just might work—and it did! The result: We introduced Alberta to ‘Hanna’, a cow influencer.

Hanna’s Instagram profile was introduced during the pandemic—adding lighthearted brevity for followers who were seeking a reprieve from serious news. Hanna’s quirky humour garnered a highly engaged and local following.


  • Hanna’s engagement across all platforms was higher than industry averages
  • The funny, meme-style content successfully reached Millennial and Gen Z demographics
  • Alberta Milk’s educational content and awareness gained momentum and traction


  • External communications strategy
  • Influencer strategy
  • Key messages
  • Innovative advertising campaign
  • Marketing materials audit
  • Public relations plan
  • Social media strategy, content calendar, content creation and community management