The Alberta Diabetes Foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers, scientists and professionals who raise money to fund world-leading research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes.

Primary Goal & Objective

  • Create an identifi able brand with consistent messaging that is powerful, hopeful and relatable.
  • Raise awareness of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation’s purpose and the need for donations.
  • Increase donations and sponsorships.
  • Improve fundraising events.

Primary Challenges

  • Many people believe that diabetes is not a serious disease and that diabetes management is the same as a cure.
  • There were two other non-profit organizations actively fundraising for diabetes, and both had greater public awareness.

Primary Strategies

  • Create a new brand.
  • Develop updated messaging that is clear and informative, to raise public awareness and inform people that donations to the Foundation stay in Alberta for diabetes research.
  • Develop corporate and media sponsorship strategies, and create opportunities to engage long-term partners.
  • Evaluate current fund development events and make recommendations for improvement.

Primary Results

The rebrand was a success and helped the Foundation raise awareness and funds.

  • Internal audiences loved the new look and were able to use the updated materials for donation and sponsorship initiatives.
  • Following the rebrand and fundraising recommendations from g[squared], the Foundation’s signature gala in 2014 raised $340,000—more than doubling the $146,911 raised at the 2011 gala, before the rebrand.
  • g[squared] secured print, TV and outdoor media partners for the Foundation, enabling it to successfully launch its first-ever advertising campaign.