Primary Goals & Objectives

For decades, pharmacists were perceived as little more than ‘pill counters’, despite their comprehensive medical training. When laws were changed in Alberta allowing pharmacists to expand their services and prescribe drugs for certain conditions or in urgent situations, this misconception became even more evident.

The Alberta College of Pharmacists brought in g[squared] to create a campaign that would educate and engage Albertans on the enhanced role their pharmacist could now take on their health care team.

Our main objective was to communicate the broad range of services that pharmacists actually offer and position them as accessible alternatives to other health care providers.

Like many clients, The Alberta College of Pharmacists had a pre-determined budget, but wanted to include television in their campaign, which is often expensive to produce. Using animation, we were able to capitalize on the brand colours to reinforce brand recognition and deliver the message in a simple, direct and memorable campaign. We carried this idea through to digital ads and radio, and injected humour to capture the attention of the audience and drive home the message.


  • Radio
  • Digital ads
  • Television
  • Digital billboard