First impressions count – especially at work. We form subconscious (and conscious) conclusions about our new teammates within minutes. We base these decisions on many things, such as the openness of their face, the set of their jawline, their complexion, and even the tilt of the head. … Read More

If someone asked you what an account manager does, you’d probably say, “Manages accounts.” You wouldn’t be wrong, but account managers do a lot more than that. They’re the glue that holds everything (and one) together, ensuring clients get the work they want on time and on budget. … Read More

When it comes to business, reaching your target audience(s) is key to gaining top-of-mind positioning. With the world of digital taking over old school methods such as telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings, social media is a popular platform to compel consumers into buying and recommending your products and/or services.… Read More

“The opposite of happiness is not sadness—it’s boredom.”

~ Tim Feriss

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When you think of an advertising agency, you might picture a team of designers, writers and marketing gurus coming up with creative campaigns to promote your brand. While campaigns are a big part of what agencies offer, many (like us) also provide other services to keep your business fresh… Read More

Navigating the business waters of an economic recession is no easy task. Companies may feel forced to rein in costs and take measures—sometimes very drastic ones—to keep from sinking further into a murky and confusing abyss. It’s not uncommon for some businesses to push the panic button and abandon all advertising. … Read More

Any one can be a writer.”

“Oh, we won’t need a writer. Were going too do it ourselves.”

“NO copy changes, okay? Just get you’re writer to look it over four things like commas and stuff.”

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With Alberta’s economy dictating the way we operate these days, focusing on how to properly market your brand might be the last thing you are thinking about. But despite the urgency for us to take cover from the economic storm, we still have business to do.… Read More

Imagine you’re the owner of a trendy downtown restaurant that caters to the vegan crowd. Your head chef creates mouth-watering dishes that attract a full house at every lunch and dinner service.… Read More

It’s that familiar time of year, when the air is crisp and cold, the holidays have come and gone, and you’re inspired to begin anew with a fresh, clean slate and whole host of goals and resolutions. You’re excited, passionate, reenergized.… Read More