For a marketing team, there’s nothing more exciting than launching a brand new product. In the conceptual stage of any marketing project there are thousands of directions a campaign can take, and we love defining and refining the best one for each situation…Read More

Before I resume this story, I would like to take a moment to thank my friends, coworkers, associates and even strangers, who have reached out to me in an unexpected outpouring of love. Your response to Part One was gratifying…Read More

Mahatma Ghandi voiced a beautiful thought on leadership, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” The challenge for me, in the first decade of running a business, was that I didn’t wish to see any change, so I continued to lead from a place of fear…Read More

Now we follow on our blog post earlier in the week, when g[squared] looked at Donald Trump’s PR disasters. Here are some smarter, better responses Trump and his team could have delivered to some of the crises during his campaign…Read More

At first glance it’s hard to imagine what Donald Trump, Air Asia and a big U.K. phone company have in common.

But if you work in PR and marketing, you can learn lots from these massive and very different PR disaster/success stories…Read More

Last month g[squared]’s blog focused on how a positive workplace culture plays an important role in attracting new talent. Kudos if you’ve worked towards improving culture in your organization. You’re on the right path to hiring and retaining the best people you can find…Read More

First impressions count – especially at work. We form subconscious (and conscious) conclusions about our new teammates within minutes. We base these decisions on many things, such as the openness of their face, the set of their jawline, their complexion, and even the tilt of the head. … Read More

If someone asked you what an account manager does, you’d probably say, “Manages accounts.” You wouldn’t be wrong, but account managers do a lot more than that. They’re the glue that holds everything (and one) together, ensuring clients get the work they want on time and on budget. … Read More

When it comes to business, reaching your target audience(s) is key to gaining top-of-mind positioning. With the world of digital taking over old school methods such as telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings, social media is a popular platform to compel consumers into buying and recommending your products and/or services.… Read More

“The opposite of happiness is not sadness—it’s boredom.”

~ Tim Feriss

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