Marketing Resolutions to Ring in the New Year

What New Year’s Resolutions are you making?

CrossFit? Hiking the cloud forests in Costa Rica? Mastering the cello? Resisting the urge to scroll on Instagram for endless hours, so you can finally get a good night’s sleep?

Whether you want to switch out coffee for matcha or trade in late nights for early mornings, the fresh year offers the chance to take stock of your life and make inspired changes with renewed enthusiasm and drive. The same is true for business and marketing. There’s no better time than now to think about your goals and assess what you can do to feel extra confident, extra productive, and extra proud of 2024.

We Can Help.

We’ve put together some handy communications and marketing resolutions that you might want to add to your list. While you’re reviewing these items, we encourage you to think about your business today, your vision for the future, and the proactive ways you can help ensure its viability and sustainability for years to come.

Marketing Resolution #1: Have a strategic plan.

While spontaneity can be exhilarating—like tucking your to-do list deep in your desk drawer and acting on sheer instinct—that’s not the best approach to business or marketing. This is when you need to tighten up your suspenders, hunker down, and invest in a solid strategy and a detailed plan. From identifying target audiences, narrowing down your budget, determining your tactics, establishing timelines, and keeping all deliverables on track, strategic planning is critical to meeting your goals and tracking your progress. Remember: spreadsheets are your friends. Once that’s all done, you can celebrate by going rogue and having dessert before dinner—we won’t tell.

Marketing Resolution #2: Leverage the power of your customers.

From testimonials to word-of-mouth recommendations, Google reviews and customer-generated social media content (which is super important these days!), your existing customers represent formidable marketing tools. How do you harness and leverage their magical power? Beyond the obvious (delivering great products and service), you can work to build relationships with your customers by interacting with them online, sending them topical newsletters, hosting giveaways, events, or contesting, and—most of all—by encouraging and asking them to review, like, share, and post your products and services. Sometimes a little prompt can go a long way.

Marketing Resolution #3: Get on the SEO train, if you haven’t already. Choo choo!

Search engine optimization is arguably the most effective and dominant marketing tool in today’s digital era. It’s the most viable way to reach qualified customers—with no extra ad spend. SEO works to improve visibility, drive website traffic, build brand awareness, establish credibility, and get you front and centre with qualified customers who are actively searching for your products and services. You might want to read that last line again…and then again. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend exploring how SEO can help grow your business and get you further, faster.

Marketing Resolution #4: Be consistent.

When it comes to the look, feel, and tone of your brand, consistency is key. It helps to maintain brand identity, build trust, establish your position in the marketplace, promote recall, and reflect polish—all highly important stuff. Your website, printed materials, social media platforms, newsletters, and all internal and external touchpoints should have a unified feel—one that’s distinctly yours! From a design standpoint, this refers to your colour palette, typography, photography, graphics, and videos. From a language standpoint, it guides whether you use contractions, Oxford commas, a more formal tone or a more conversational sentence structure. It’s the little things that add up to create a great and memorable brand.

Marketing Resolution #5: Ask Questions.

We know what you’re thinking—all of these tips are great in theory, but how do you put them into practice? That’s where we come in. Our creative and strategic experts are here to help you navigate your efforts—to help you maintain your marketing resolutions and make 2024 the best year yet. So, if you have questions, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!