Have you had the pleasure of meeting Rudy, yet? We highly recommend it! He’s our new President and CEO—and what a leader he is! We briefly welcomed him in our last blog, but now that he’s settled in, we think it’s high time we gave him a better introduction.

While we could tell you all about his decades of industry experience, expansive portfolio, or collaborative and intentional leadership style, we’ll save that for Rudy’s bio. Instead, this blog is focused on some of his personal interests and drivers—the things that truly make Rudy tick—and, ultimately, what that means to you, our valued friends, clients, and partners.

Without further ado, here are some fun facts about our new boss. Note: a quiz will not follow.

#1) Rudy’s an adventurer. When he’s not at g[squared] headquarters applying his multidisciplinary skills, or out and about connecting with clients around the community, he can often be found conquering new terrain. Whether it’s climbing a snowy mountain, hiking or snowshoeing a hidden backcountry trail, x-country skiing a well-groomed route, kayaking in the wilderness (or in a super-secret location near the city; we’re still waiting for him to share the coordinates with us), or finding out-of-the-box solutions to marketing and communications challenges, Rudy is a trailblazer—intent on carving out the best path forward.

#2) Speaking of blazing trails, Rudy and his wife are zealous travellers, who collect unique experiences all over the world. From the desert in Morocco to the vibrant cities of Japan, pristine beaches of Thailand, and natural wonders in Africa, Rudy has seen it all. He credits these encounters—with diverse cultures, social scenery, and landscapes—with giving him deeper insights into different ideologies, styles, and perspectives. And all this comes in super handy at work! BTW, if you’re looking for some off-the-beaten-trail holiday recommendations, Rudy suggests Kruger National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Okavango Delta in Africa. He’s also a big fan of the rainforests and beautiful atolls of Belize or the maze-like tributaries of the Amazon River in South America. We’ll see if his upcoming trip—trekking the Dolomites in Italy—will make his top ten list.

#3) He’s a master of fine taste. Rudy fancies independent music, fine wine, and farm-to-table feasts that support local artists, local farmers, local producers, and the local food scene. Did we mention he likes local? Supporting businesses right here at home is what he’s all about. While Rudy’s brave enough to have sampled some truly exotic delicacies all around the globe, it’s worth noting that he hates mayonnaise and raisins. It’s true. Nothing can spoil his appetite more than an oatmeal raisin cookie. Take note, friends and colleagues.

#4) At g[squared], we love our pets—our furry, four-legged companions make our hearts skip a beat. Rudy’s a proud dog dad to Mollie, a Black Labrador, and Lacey, a Goldendoodle. Frequent visitors to the g[squared] office, they’ve been dubbed our honourary Morale Managers by staff; although, they often sleep on the job. You can’t blame them, though; they accompany Rudy on his long hikes and paddles, and that can be exhausting. Fun fact: Mollie knows more than 40 commands, and, much like the rest of the g[squared] team, is very treat-motivated.

#5) Did you know avid readers are often better problem-solvers, more creative, and more goal-oriented? It makes sense, because Rudy is a voracious reader, who aims to read 52 books a year: books on every topic, in every genre. His goals? To never stop learning, expand his outlook, nurture critical thinking, and keep himself busy between his many adventures.

So, that’s Rudy in a nutshell. We’re so proud to have him as our President/CEO and leader. He works with integrity, trust, diplomacy, and tact to ensure the success of everyone on our team and each of our clients.

If you have any questions about Rudy or our services, please reach out. We’d love to chat!