For a marketing team, there’s nothing more exciting than launching a brand new product. In the conceptual stage of any marketing project there are thousands of directions a campaign can take, and we love defining and refining the best one for each situation. Naturally, we were thrilled when our long-time client Gemstone Logistics, a comprehensive workforce transportation and accommodation management service, asked for our help in introducing — a tool that connects remote work camp operators with workers who require rooms near worksites in those same remote locations.

Our primary task was to develop a communications plan and a website prototype that the client could expand over time. We were also asked to create a series of marketing collateral pieces along with a complementary, coordinated print and digital advertising campaign.

At the beginning of the design process, the client supplied existing visual assets, including the existing logo. Obviously, logos are an important aspect of any brand, acting as a quick and unique identifier for a company and ideally introducing brand experiences. This logo had all the necessary parts but required some refinements to better communicate core ideas about the company and their rather unique offering.

Although reworking the logo was outside of the scope of the project, we wanted the client to proceed with the best possible product. Plus, the Creative Director on this account, Terry, is a logo designer; he saw potential in the identity and just couldn’t help himself. It’s how we roll.


After refining the logo, we created the structure, elements and visual treatments for the website homepage. Simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive functionality were key drivers for the underlying user interface and experience design.

Website Mockup

For the marketing and advertising materials, conversational and accessible messaging honed in on key value statements and core relatable subject matter – cutting away the clutter and focusing on the primary service, the value for the customer and a clear path to participate.

Print and Facebook Ads
Digital Ad

The relatable imagery included remote industrial job sites — integrated with Camp Rooms logos populating the landscape — visually expressing Camp Rooms’ service in a literal, easy to understand and engaging manner.

Sell Sheets

The intended result is to position Camp Rooms as the trusted authority and first choice for remote campsite accommodation booking. With a well established communication strategy in place, as well as engaging campaign and marketing materials that clearly and effectively communicate across a select group of application types, we think we’re well on our way to reaching our established goals.