When you think of an advertising agency, you might picture a team of designers, writers and marketing gurus coming up with creative campaigns to promote your brand. While campaigns are a big part of what agencies offer, many (like us) also provide other services to keep your business fresh, relevant and secure.

A full-scale advertising agency provides a great source of knowledge and experience at your disposal. An entire team of writers, designers, web developers, digital strategists, project managers and more, will work together to effectively manage and execute the services needed to enhance your brand. Most agencies (like us) have years of experience working with clients, and have assembled their own set of best practices to meet their clients’ needs. So even if it’s not a full marketing plan or campaign you’re looking for (or needing), there are plenty of other important services an agency can provide to ensure your company and brand are performing at their highest level.

Here are 10 services many advertising agencies (ahem, us) offer that you may not know about—but should:


Tight on budget, but need to roll out a new brand? A phased branding approach keeps you on budget by staggering the marketing strategies throughout various phases. Furthermore, it allows materials to be produced at specific times to reach key target audiences. Through these distinct phases, we’ll be able to gain a clear snapshot of your company and ask questions you may not know or think are insignificant to the end results. From reviewing company history to identifying key growth areas for your brand and marketplace, you’ll get expert planning to showcase your brand, retain new customers and acquire new ones.


Having a great event can propel your brand and leave a lasting impression on guests. Events provide excellent opportunities to engage with potential customers and build relationships you otherwise may not have been able to form. We’ll explore opportunities to get you in front of the right audiences and develop strong event strategies that seamlessly transition event ideas into successful events. These could include media publicity, promotions, social media, signage and more. Whether it’s a tradeshow or a five star event, our experts will be able to offer professional, timely and creative strategies to attract participants and increase public awareness.


Finding ways to garner donations is pertinent to meeting fundraising target goals—especially if you’re a not-for-profit. g[squared] has tons of experience helping charitable organizations raise money. We understand fundraising is a partnership, not a sales pitch. Having strategies that effectively benefit both parties involved can significantly increase the amount of donations raised. From developing a fundraising strategy to establishing your targets and identifying the best resources and connections, we’re here to help you avoid a lot of wasted time and energy.


There is no greater value to your company than having others talk about it. Creating buzz around your brand can help you differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace. Our knowledgeable team will assess your business objectives and develop a public relations communication plan that includes customized strategies to support them. With our help, you’ll be able to:

  • Build brand recognition through a range of public relations tactics.
  • Acquire important connections through agency introductions.
  • Have access to media networks, as we connect the media to your brand.
  • Stay relevant by having a strong PR strategy that aligns your objectives with specific media executions.
  • Gain expertise from professionals who have broader industry knowledge that expands beyond your company’s products and services.
  • Increase your ROI (Return on Investment) by having the right team achieve your bottom line in a way that works best for your business.
  • Receive a valuable perspective from agency team members who act as an extension of your company.


If you pay attention to the news, chances are you’ve noticed plenty of companies dealing with a crisis. A crisis can occur at any time, anywhere—to any company. Knowing what to do can make or break your business. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about crisis management, and how to properly prepare and handle things should one take place. g[squared] has the right team and tools to help you though any unforeseen situation. From advanced planning to assessing the crisis and managing the media and your employees, we’ll provide you with all the necessary steps to help you prepare for the right response, should a crisis strike.


The Wonderful World of Web (See what we did there?) is a crazy, fast moving world. Technology, requirements and systems can change at any time. g[squared]’s online team is constantly on top of the latest digital trends. Our know-how and expertise will keep your website relevant and standing out from your competitors. Some online services we provide include:

  • New technologies for optimal performance and success
  • Web design and development that positively affect the way your website looks and navigates
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase website rankings and increase visits to your site
  • Website maintenance to keep your website updated and current


Having higher search results is so important, we needed to give it its own number. The whole intention of SEO is attaining more visibility so more people visit your website. The better your SEO, the faster your clients will find you when they do an online search. Having a strong SEO may seem easy, but there are definitely tricks to the trade. That’s where we step in. g[squared] will help create, manage and maintain your website’s content so your SEO ranking gets—and remains—in a higher position. Our SEO strategies will help optimize your online content so more people will be able to locate and utilize your website and services.


The success of social media has compelled many businesses to strengthen their social media capabilities. Having the right social media plan can really help reinforce your brand’s image to target audiences. Whether you already have an internal social media team or are in desperate need of one, we can help. From social media strategies and planning, g[squared] offers services ranging from:

  • Social media publishing, which involves an analysis and social media content plan for your company; to
  • Complete management that helps you create, implement and measure your social media strategies. This option also works well on an as-needed basis for one-time campaigns to promote new products, services and initiatives.


Your website acts as an extension of your brand, and often your first contact with customers. If not safe and secure, it can become a security risk to customers and other businesses. These threats can take shape in many forms – from malware to stealing customer information, adding the website to a botnet of infected sites, and even hijacking or crashing the site altogether. Whether you are at the starting stages of developing your new site or have an existing one that has been up and running for years, we can help ensure it stays secure. Our website team will work with you to:

  • Set up proper authentication
  • Ensure passwords are secure
  • Update software
  • Ensure you run these updates and have the latest version supporting your site
  • Build layers of security around your site


Booking a photo or video shoot involves many steps that are essential to its overall success. g[squared] will set you up with everything you need to ensure the end result is exactly what you want. We’ll provide tips on how to keep your photos from looking dated, as well as how to create a library of photos you can use for your marketing materials. Our job is to make the process easy and simple—from coordinating models, stylists and scenes that get you the most out of your budget. Need help coming up with creative ideas for your shoot? Our team can help with that, too. From start to finish, we’ll get you the best bang for you buck, while taking care of all the small details along the way.

Remember, an advertising agency is usually so much more than campaigns and marketing plans. Contact us today to get the help of trusted professionals who love what they do and care about making your business thrive.