Any one can be a writer.”

“Oh, we won’t need a writer. Were going too do it ourselves.”

“NO copy changes, okay? Just get you’re writer to look it over four things like commas and stuff.”

More times than most copywriters would like to admit, statements like these have been hurled their way like tomatoes at a Donald Trump rally.

If you failed to miss the above spelling errors that would make any writer’s eyes bleed, you’ve proved a valuable point: Copywriters play an important role—a few important ones, actually. The first relates back to the aforementioned eyesores: fixing missing apostrophes, correcting homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently—their vs. there vs. they’re, for example—and adding or removing punctuation that is essential to the structure of a sentence.

The others go well beyond the realm of proofreading and grammar, and help make content more interesting, informative and unforgettable.

From coming up with memorable taglines, thought-provoking headlines and copy for mediums ranging from radio to television to digital, a copywriter’s job is to help tell your company’s story in a way that compels your target audience to choose your business over your competitors.

So spelling errors and comma splices aside, why else should a business invest in a copywriter for their brand messaging?

We consider every angle.

The Customer – We work together to figure out what matters to them most.

The Internal Point of View – We learn about your company’s values and purpose, along with how those working there feel.

The Marketplace – We see what and how your competitors are doing.

We make these angles come together through words.

Once we have all of those insights, copywriters determine where there is overlap, and how. From here, the word magic starts. This is where we take all the information we have gathered and create messaging that ties the brand together through every piece of content we create.

We know how to draw the audience in.

In some cases, a catchy slogan is all it takes.

These taglines catapulted their company’s brand awareness to new heights and became easily recognized by consumers any time they were seen or heard. But there’s a lot more to consider than just a tagline when working on the content for a company’s brand.

The Positioning Statement speaks to your brand’s product or unique value to your target audience.

The Value Proposition clearly identifies your brand’s benefits over that of your competitors.

The Target Audience takes everything from age, gender, race, occupation, income, marital/family status and personal interests into consideration.

The Voice includes tone and language, and helps define who you are as a brand.

In this first example, the brand (Skittles) uses a fun, almost absurd tone to mirror the colourfulness of its product.

However, in this example Volkswagen did to raise awareness against the dangers of texting while driving, language targeting younger generations is used to both engage the audience and reflect the serious consequences that could result.

A copywriter’s job is to hone in on each brand’s objectives, discover what kind of brand they want to be seen as, and then reveal that through the right tone and language.

Copywriters are worth their weight in words.

Seriously. Their brains work is special ways to create both ideas and strategies to place your brand in a top-of-mind position with consumers. And when mixed with the talents of a graphic designer or art director, a copywriter can take your brand to the next level, or even higher.

g[squared] has stellar copywriters who think big and deliver bigger. They know what questions to ask, and what mediums to use to deliver your message to target audiences in a way that motivates them to take action.

So if you’re still unsure whether you should put your company’s brand in the hands of a skilled copywriter, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

Photo credits: McDonalds; Nike, Inc.; L’Oreal Paris; Subway IP Inc.; Apple Inc.; AllState Insurance Company; W. Wrigley J. Company; Volkswagen