With the yuletide season already beginning to fade, it’s out with the old and in with new—in this case, a new year. But before we start tossing the ol’ mistletoe and finalizing our resolution lists, let’s look back on the last 365 days (well, technically, it’s only been 362) and all the moments that made this year a happy one.

Mmm. That was nice. So many things to be grateful for. We’d be here well into 2016 if we shared them all though, so for now, here’s our Top 10 for 2015:

10. Braden Equities logo and website

As a property management, rentals and investor consulting company, Braden was looking to redesign their website. This led to discussion about overall branding, which eventually led to a new logo and reimagined site design.

Our art director was pleased to find out the updated website garnered new business for Braden. “We develop tools and strategies we hope will give our clients a higher success rate,” he says. “Knowing we helped them achieve that is always the highlight of any project.”

9. The generous support of the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch

Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch are close to the hearts of all g[squared] team members, who worked tirelessly on this year’s campaign, with hopes of creating awareness and raising funds for the organization.

The Be Brave Ranch welcomed 35 children and 120 in-kind donations, along with countless drop-offs of treats and toys over Halloween and Christmas.

Our CEO, and Little Warriors founder, Glori Meldrum couldn’t be prouder of the support. “The Be Brave Ranch is such an important resource for kids who have been sexually abused,” she says. “The generosity of others helps these children start to heal.”

Take a tour of the Be Brave Ranch here.

8. Boreal Laser’s marketing

Boreal Laser Inc. licenses patented technology to some of the world’s largest industrial laser and medical manufacturers. And this year, they asked us to help with their marketing, keeping the essence of the Boreal brand.

Seeing the passion for their work was something that inspired our creative director. “It made me connect with the client and the brand, which made coming up with creative strategies that related to Boreal’s unique qualities really satisfying.”

Working on the materials has been a lot of fun for our creative department, who look forward to developing even more in the new year.

7. Laughing it up with Laughing Dog

Sometimes, you just need a good chuckle, and anytime we have the pleasure of working with the talented team at Laughing Dog Photography, that’s exactly what we do.

A good example? Well, there was that one time we played a practical joke on the client.

“We told a client he needed his photoshoot makeup touched up,” our Senior Account Manager says with a laugh. “What he didn’t know was that they put a full face of cosmetics on him—eye shadow and all! He went back to the shoot, where Laughing Dog captured some really funny photos of him!”

Being able to kid around is just one reason we love working with these guys. “They’re the kind of people you’d go for drinks with after”, say our creative director. “They care about their clients in a very personable and friendly way.”

Always fun, never boring—just the way we like it.

6. Gemstone Logistics’ acquisition of Orissa

Sounds all business (and it is), but for our strategic writer, working on the communication pieces for this project was nothing short of incredible.

“It was stressful, but really rewarding to see it all come together,” she says.

With only one week to write and design the website so the acquisition could be made public, team members were scrambling to find the time to piece it altogether. “I felt like we worked really well as a team to make it a success.”

And it was. The Public Relations plan, including a media release, led to both print and online coverage, along with a number of new business inquires.


5. A Cauldron that was wicked fun

When the creative team was asked to come up with a clever gift for our clients this last Halloween, they did not disappoint.

Mix one part clever with two parts handmade craftsmanship and sprinkle on some silly, and the result is one kick ass idea that was a hit with all our clients.

Through zombie tears and candy goodness, our creative team worked hard designing and assembling 25 cauldrons, which our account managers and executive assistant delivered over the course of a week.

“This was a really fun and creative way to showcase our personalities,” says our art director. “It was a lot of work, but the results were fantastic, and we’re so happy our clients loved it!”

4. Working with The Organic Box

One of our most recent clients, The Organic Box, requested some creative and communication strategies to create more awareness about their services and role in the organic food industry. With two passionate people partnered in both life and in business, our team was eager to come up with a creative and strategic campaign that met their objectives and showcased the authenticity of the company.

“Coming back to g[squared], I couldn’t have asked for a better client to kick off my start here,” says our creative strategist, who happens to be a Food Family member. “They’re great people with great values. And they have a great product.”

Though we can’t show you much right now, we’re excited at what we’ve been working on, including a new advertising campaign, website content and other deliverables that had us thinking outside the “box.”

3. Potlucks, card games and a whole lot of nonsense

At g[squared], we work hard, but we like to play hard, too.

Not rough and tumble playing that requires helmets and kneepads (though there are a couple people here who could probably benefit from wearing those items). We’re talking birthday- baby-shower-it’s-my-anniversary-I-just-found-a-loonie-basically-anything-that-gives-us-a-reason-to-celebrate-and-eat-cake-before-noon playing that leaves you on a sugar crash by lunch.

“I love how everyone comes together with great food, games and laughter,” says our executive assistant. “It really feels like a family.”

Our web designer adds, “Hanging out and cracking jokes makes my day.” Looking at the photos (and these are the just the ones we could show), it’s safe to say our gatherings leave us full of food—and absurdities.

2. Having a Daam good time

No, that’s not a type-O. We’re referring to Daam Galvanizing, Western Canada’s leading and largest galvanizing company, AND this year’s recipient of our Client of the Year Award.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then that Daam was mentioned across the g[squared] team as a favourite of 2015.

“Everyone was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“They were so flexible, which allowed us to be more creative.”

“I loved working on their logo!”

Our creative team agreed—Daam was one of the best projects they worked on…not just this year, but ever.

Now that’s a compliment.

“It was such a fun and challenging experience to work on,” said our graphic designer. “Working with the rest of the team, I got to learn some cool new things along the way.”

From the logo to the website, to templates and print materials, our team had a blast with the rebrand, and is excited to continue building materials this upcoming year.

1. The g[squared] family

We don’t mean to brag, but stats are stats, and every person here mentioned how much they like their g[squared] family.

Maybe it’s the fact we’re all ridiculously good looking, smart and humble (right?), but chances are, it’s probably more about the support we give one another every day.

“I get to spend everyday with people who make me laugh,” says our account coordinator. “We’re like a big family.”

Our Senior Account Manager, who recently celebrated her 10th anniversary (wowza) as a g[squared] team member, says coming to work every day and being around helpful people who make you laugh has made the last decade fly by. “I’ve made lifelong friends,” she says.

Take one look at us, and you can tell we’re one slightly dysfunctional, totally awesome family.

Well, it’s been a slice, 2015. To all our clients, friends and loved ones: Thank you for allowing us to do what we love most.

Here’s to you, let’s have a toast

To celebrate those we love most

So raise your glass and have a cheer

And we’ll see you in the New Year!