At g[squared] we’re lucky to call 124 Street home and not just because it is home to other creatives, artists and makers like ourselves. It’s also a vibrant hub for the surrounding community and one of Edmonton’s liveliest shopping districts. But the best part: 124 Street features some of the city’s finest local independent restaurants and coffee shops—serving up the most delectable treats Edmonton has to offer.

Needless to say, the team at g[squared] has made a sport of discovering our neighborhood’s best eats and treats. Lunchtime strolls to local restaurants and mid-day runs to nearby coffee shops have become the perfect excuse to indulge.

In celebration of International Donut Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite local treats:

  1. Farrow’s Cronuts
    Their motto is ‘Work Less, Eat More’, and being located just down the street from us, that’s exactly what we do (don’t tell our bosses). While Farrow is best known for their quirky twist on traditional sandwiches, we go for the to-die-for cronuts. Our latest obsession: the blueberry cheesecake cronut. If you want to score these fresh-baked treats, try to get there before noon. Farrow’s menu changes frequently, but one thing’s certain—no matter what you order, your taste buds won’t be disappointed.
  2. Bloom Cookie Co.’s Cookies
    These cookies are made to share, but you won’t wanna. If we told you all Bloom cookies are egg, dairy and nut-free you wouldn’t believe us, but it’s 100% the truth. This is what makes them the perfect treat for anyone and everyone! Might we suggest: the Earl Grey cookie. It’s the perfect mid-day treat to ward off that mid-day slump. Plus, what could pair better with tea than a tea-inspired cookie? Pro-tip: Bloom Cookie Co.’s menu changes frequently, but we promise all Bloom cookies are worthy.
  3. Chocorrant Pâtisserie + Café’s Croissant
    As you walk by their shop, the delicious smell wafting from inside will lure you in because everything is freshly made in-house. Their menu is irresistible, but we suggest starting with the chocolate croissant and let it transport you to Paris! Not really, but it’s as close as you’re going to get these days.
  4. Laker Coffee Co
    This coffee to-go is on wheels—literally! You can find this mobile coffee trailer and small-batch roaster serving amazing coffee around the city, but if you’re lucky enough to catch them on 124 Street we recommend the almond milk latte with honey. You won’t regret it.
  5. Remedy Café’s Chai and Samosas
    This Edmonton staple dishes up a unique spin on a variety of Indian and Pakistani dishes. With options for nearly every diet or sensitivity, Remedy Café is an easy lunchtime choice for the team at g[squared]. Our recommendation: the chai, of course, and why not add some samosas while you’re at it. We would say these are best-kept secrets, but everyone knows that would be a lie.
  6. Credo’s Cappuccino
    Enjoy a fresh cuppa’ Joe and friendly customer experience. The team at g[squared] loves making Credo our go-to coffee shop, not just because they serve some of the world’s finest coffee, but because they greet us with amazing service every time we visit. Our favourite: a classic cappuccino.
  7. Anything from Zwick’s Pretzels
    Carb lovers unite! Zwick’s is g[squared]’s favourite mid-afternoon snack. Whether you’re hankering for a classic buttered pretzel or something with a little more ‘omph’ Zwick’s has you covered. Calling all vegans! There’s something for you, too (upon request—don’t be shy). To wrangle the mid-afternoon hanger monster, we recommend the cheddar and black pepper pretzel or the chorizo sausage in a pretzel bun. Go on, you know you wanna.

Okay, okay. You caught us. It’s International Donut Day and only one of these is technically a donut (cronuts are the new donut, by the way), but when you’re surrounded by so many enticing treats just mere steps from your front door, how could we possibly narrow it down to just donuts!?

The next time you find yourself strolling down 124 Street, do yourself a favour and use this list as your guide to great treats and eats.