Tanya may have the most demanding and fluid job description in the building — though it focuses around two critical cornerstones: coordinating the activities of twenty highly motivated professionals and identifying the most effective strategies for our clients.

She developed an understanding of the creative process when she graduated from SAIT with a Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio diploma. That would lead to a career in radio marketing and promotions, during which Tanya discovered a talent for consistently creating successful solutions to unexpected challenges. Because of her critical eye and willingness to ask tough questions, she has developed a knack for anticipating problems before they happen.

For the past seven years, Tanya has worked closely with our partners to fully understand and assess their needs, and deliver effective, strategic solutions. Her 21 years of experience, her understanding of people and her attention to detail are assets that have served her well when working with progressive clients such as Waiward, WIN House, ONEC, Ledcor and National Bank Financial.

We always know when Tanya is in the building — primarily because her valuable contributions are evident throughout everything we do, but also because her boisterous laugh has been known to penetrate noise cancelling headphones … in the building next door.