With a passion for people and finding solutions to everyday opportunities, Michelle’s 16+ years of experience is an amalgamate of marketing, sales and administrative expertise, spanning all levels of government and the non-profit world. From working as a local immigration partnership coordinator and an executive director for a national charity, to working as a manager of tourism and special projects, Michelle is a deep well of experience. A creative thinker by nature, her affinity for brainstorming ways to improve simple procedures and to tackle complex strategies for workplaces and campaigns is just one of many skillsets in her vast arsenal.

Michelle’s passions are as colourful as she is. A self-proclaimed “bird whisperer,” she has raised birds for more than 35 years—making her an expert at keeping the flock together and on the right path. Enthusiastic and passionate, Michelle has leant her time to raising awareness for causes like Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart and stroke. Although new to Edmonton, she hopes to find a volunteer role helping newcomers adjust to their new city.

Education & accreditations:

  • Honours BA Drama, Education, University of Windsor, Ontario
  • Commerce, Industry Sales and Marketing, Diploma, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB
  • Human Resources & Adult Learning/Diversity Courses, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB
  • Economic Development (Year 1), University of Waterloo, Ontario


  • Spending time with her partner, family and friends
  • Exploring the entire country of Canada and the province of Alberta
  • Travelling to sun destinations in the winter
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good food, activity and remaining youthful