Matt is a talented Art Director with over 10 years of design and illustration experience. His professional journey began in the liberal arts, studying Humanities, English and Philosophy. His path changed when his Art History class started studying hieroglyphics – it was a life affirming moment that inspired him with the power of mark-making and convinced him to pursue a career in visual communications.

After graduating from MacEwan University’s Design and Illustration program in 2009, he honed his design, illustration and web development skills by serving small businesses at his freelance design studio. In 2014, he joined the agency world, where he expanded his skillset to include advertising campaigns, digital content creation, motion graphics, video direction, UX design and game design. Regardless of what he’s working on, his driving force is the hunt for salient ideas – crafting messages that cut through the noise and resonate on a deeper level, like those cave paintings he studied in Art history.

When he’s not at work, Matt can be found hanging out where the good coffee is, playing with dogs and drawing dogs, or in the mountains snowboarding, hiking, foraging and camping.