Gennelle developed her passion for working with clients and bringing complex projects to life as a promotion coordinator for a local cluster of Edmonton radio stations. The skill sets she developed in radio promotions were the perfect match for an account coordinator and we were delighted to welcome her into the family. Over the last 11 years, Gennelle has become our firm’s longest-serving employee and has diligently worked her way through the ranks to a position as our senior account manager of the client services team. Today, she skillfully oversees all areas of her clients’ marketing initiatives and provides direction in meeting their objectives.

Just a few of the clients who benefit from Gennelle’s expertise include Qualico Communities, Christenson Developments, Finning Canada and locally-based, international success story Kinnickinnick.

When she’s out of the office Gennelle can rarely be found within city limits as she writes a travel blog and explores the globe, visiting exotic locations such as Jamaica, the Grand Cayman Islands, Belize, St. Thomas, London, Amsterdam and too many more to mention.