Curtis is a man of many talents, bridging the creative and analytical realms through a dynamic skill set that’s been decades in the making. Having started out as a graphic designer in 2005, he has dedicated the past 5 years of his career to perfecting his craft in sass, css, and html.

He has a coloured history here at g[squared], too. Curtis contributed to our agency’s success during his previous 3-year tenure as an Art Director and Creative Director. We’re thrilled to have him back on the team as a UX/UI Designer and programmer. His creative cunning ensures our clients’ websites are not only beautiful but also functional.

Curtis is a sought-after advertising and design consultant. Throughout his career, he has worked on engaging projects for clients of all walks. From healthcare and non-profit to construction, his compelling ideas make an impact across categories and mediums. Curtis also teaches at NAIT.

A dedicated dad and husband, he unwinds by spending time with his family, playing board games, writing music and watching Star Wars. He also loves getting outdoors for some fun and fresh air with his kids.